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Hire me. Pay my fee to a tax deductible charity. It's as simple as that.

What's in it for you?

You get my services just as you would if you paid me directly but with the added benefit of a tax deduction for your donation.

What's in it for me?

It's simple math. By getting you to donate my fee directly to charity, I can raise 30-50% more money than I could if I donated my net income after taxes.

How can I help you?

About me

I began working as a Linux sysadmin about 16 years ago. Around then I started learning how to code in PERL and build websites in HTML 3. Since then, I've managed to dig my thumbs into many different pies including pretty much anything requiring secure, highly available, high performance, UNIX/Linux based services. Lately, I've specialized in DevOps including the automated deployment of development and production infrastructure for high performance distributed services in the cloud.

Common projects

Classic examples of work that people ask me to do include:

  • Architecture health checks
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Website performance reviews and tune-ups
  • DevOps training
  • Cloud migration planning
  • Technical due dilligence

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Job LocationDurationCost (NIS)Cost (USD)
From Home1 day₪2000$550
Jerusalem - Netanya1 day₪3000$830
Israel not listed above1 day₪3000$830 + Travel Expenses
InternationalMinimum 3 days₪5000$1380 + Travel Expenses

Emergency consultation fees negotiable.

The beneficiaries

ELIYA - Association for blind and visually impaired children

ELIYA runs programs to help blind or visually impaired children from 6 months to 6 years old, and their families. Their expert staff of teachers, therapists, and assistants with their decades of experience have helped many including my own daughter to close the developmental gaps between themselves and other children their ages. They give them the tools and confidence to overcome their disadvantages.

As a parent, I've seen, first hand, the tremendous growth the ELIYA can foster. It's nothing short of miraculous. At the same time, I've seen the lengths to which the staff of ELIYA go, in order to stretch what funding they have to the limits. The toys and tools which visually impaired children need are not the ones we all find at the local Toys R' Us. They are specialized, very well thought out pieces of equipment which are bought by very few and therefore sold at a premium. As a result, ELIYA builds much of the equipment and toys in house.

ELIYA has tax deductible entities in Israel, the US, and the UK

Netiv Aryeh - Post highschool study abroad program

Netiv Aryeh provides an incredible program for students from around the world to visit Israel, learn about their heritage, and learn about themselves. The program has an amazingly high teacher to student ratio and the staff is amazingly dedicated. The facilities are world class and the location (at The Western Wall) is second to none.

Coming to Israel 18 years ago, for what is now the Netiv Aryeh program, was a life changing moment for me and it would not have been possible had there not been scholarship funds available. To this day, the Netiv Aryeh staff are no less than my family to me and many other alumni.

Netiv Aryeh has tax deductible entities in Israel and in the US.

Contact Me

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